FJ Republic is a creative artistic freedom. The imaginary republic was created in 2017 by Ngorngor Terhemba. FJ Republic is a general summary of the entire universe in simple terms.

The Republic is divided into 6 Regions/Nation states

FJ Republic Map

  1. THE NORTHERN DISTRICT (MORIBA STATE) – This is a black dominated region
  2. THE CENTRAL DISTRICT ( NUNGWA STATE) – This region is a mixture of blacks, whites, Asians, Arabs and Latinos
  3. THE MEDITARIAN DISTRICT (MNGER STATE) – This region is dominated by Arabs and Asians
  4. THE SOUTHERN DISTRICT (MFE STATE) – This region is dominated by whites and Latinos
  5. THE ISLAND DISTRICT ( BEACH STATE) – This is a fun paradise where everyone visits for tourism
  6. THE UNKNOWN DISTRICT (ORKPEN REGION) – This region is more of a prison. A place for Rascals and Hoodlums, Prisoners and the rejected, the depressed and suicidal

The Republic also consists of an ocean, rivers, lakes, streams, deserts and lots more.

Everything positive creativity and creative mind is welcome in FJ Republic.

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  1. Katie Keegan

    Very talented and creative

    1. fleetman

      Thank you so much, I am glad you love it.

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