Love Note – Fleetman

Love Note – Fleetman

Read Love Note By Fleetman.

I might look like a super hero on the outside
Deep down I am burning trying to put a smile on your beautiful face
Your imperfections is what makes you human
A thought of you is my greatest humor
Looking closely and deeply from the inside
Your heart is made of love and loyalty
I would recommend you for a Grammy
Best in character and learning

You are the reason why I desire an empire
A soul like yours should be in paradise
You are my religion, with you I found the truth
Heaven curse me if I love you less than I should

My all in all is yours for you are mine forever and ever
Every single memory of you is worth revisiting
A second without you is not worth living
My freedom is when we spend time together
My happiness is when we smile at each other
My ride or die, come rain come sunshine

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  1. Christieđź’ž

    That is so beautiful, you are very talented.

    1. fleetman

      Thank you so much. I am glad you love the note.

  2. Katie Keegan

    Lovely poem ! by a very creative writer.

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