The Story of Kume Dura

The Story of Kume Dura

The Story of Kume Dura By Fleetman.

There is a community where snakes swim and live with humans peacefully. Life in FJ Republic is different, a typical society in the Northern District of FJ Republic is highly spiritual. The most interesting thing is the harmony between man,  his physical and spiritual environment.

I remember back then in Mukaka village, there was a very large stream where we usually go to cool off ( Children/ Adults). The stream had a giant snake called Kume Dura. Most times Kume Dura would join us while swimming. The snake was harmless and rather beneficial to the entire community, always saving people from drowning and sometimes (especially during rainy season) serve as a bridge for stranded people who cannot swim.

The only problem was, whenever the snake is extremely hungry, the water will become a bit poisonous to the human skin. After swimming for a long time, you will notice body scratches. The best solution was to stand under the sun for some minutes or roll on hot sand.

The snake never ate or harm anyone for her entire life. When Kuma Dura died, the community mourn for day and arrange a proper burial. Till today, Kume Dura is known and celebrated as a legend in that community.

The strongest warriors are named after him.

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